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About the brand

Thom Laurence

Thom Laurence was founded in 2019, with the purpose to create Luxury Women’s Apparel with a distinctive look.

After gaining experience in Mens Tailoring, Women’s Couture and fashion design Thom decided to set up his own Brand. Focusing his attention on creating Women’s Apparel through the brand core values developed from his experience. The brand core Values our Craftsmanship, quality and creativity which can be seen through the products the brand offers.

To Back up the brand core values, the brand has spent a lot of time sourcing the right fabric suppliers, trimming suppliers and manufacturers to make sure they are up held. All fabrics, trimmings, and garment manufacturing comes from within Europe with a heavy emphasis on Switzerland, France, Italy and the U.K.

Switzerland – Is where the brand sources their metal Zips from due to the high level of quality.

France – Fs where the brand sources their tweed and jacquard from. They work closely with one certain manufacturer to develop and create their own fabrics.

Italy – Is where the brand has their silk suppliers based near Como, which is renowned for the high quality of silks. The brand also has their products made in Italy. With a manufacturers based in Venice for sweatshirts and Tees Shirt and a manufacturer in the south of Italy for the rest of their garments.

About Thom Laurence
Thom Laurence

U.K – Is where the brand sources their bespoke knitted ribbing from. Which Is a blend of merino wool and elastic. Solely used on their bomber jackets at the moment. The brand has plans to move some garment production back to the U.K to help cut down to the transport emissions.

Due to the time spent resources the right supplier for the Brand Thom Laurence’s signature style can be shown through each individual product. With Three important elements the silhouette, hand embellishment and textures.

The Last element that makes each Thom Laurence product complete. Is the bespoke packaging, develop solely to the brand specifications. From black and white textured rigid boxes with a hot foil logo, to a hand made Wax seal for each texture envelope to sealed and most importantly a hand written letter to each customer.

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