Behind The Brand

Discover the history and the style of the Thom Laurence brand founded by Thom Clark. Thom’s past experiences in Haute Couture and Savile Row Tailoring helping to define the Thom Laurence brand.

Thom Laurence is a luxury British brand renowned for producing designs that are both contemporary and timeless. What started as a Ready to Wear brand has now blossomed into a couture label nurtured through Thom’s unwavering desire to produce unique designs without compromising on the materials and processes used.

This shift in design resulted in the Thom Laurence Look; timeless glamour and effortless elegance with a strong sense of femininity at the core.

“The Thom Laurence woman is a blend of strong Femininity, refined glamour and sheer elegance.”

Thom Laurence